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Naabhi Chakra

Alignment your Solar Plexus

This Tablet has used the alignment of nabhi or naabhi Chakra – in English called as Solar Plexus. The “NAABHI CHAKRA” tablet aligns the dislodged Naabhi chakra or solar plexus chakra in the body, through a unique combination of divine herbs.
The ‘Naabhi Chakra'(Nabhi Chakra) medicine should be taken by: Those aspiring for GOOD HEALTH: ‘Health is Wealth’. It is virtually impossible to have a healthy and disease free body without having a healthy Naabhi Chakra. Those aspiring for SPIRITUAL GROWTH: The ‘Naabhi Chakra Tablet’ is especially beneficial for those who want to activate their innate spiritual powers. Naabhi Chakra is the THIRD CHAKRA IN THE ENERGETIC SYSTEM. A healthy Naabhi Chakra ensures proper functioning of the TWO Chakras below it.

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    Providing herb based chakra therapy products for the “First time in the world”

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    All of our products are 100% herbal. We are able to provide full proof that the products on our website are indeed herbal and authentic.

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    Massage Therapies offer superior benefits for pain management.

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    Chakra Therapies improves “Feel-Good” & bring harmony to body, mind & soul.

  • Keeping Fit & Healthy

    Chakra Therapies takes the extra pounds off to keep your body in shape.

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Immunity Booster

Build Immunity with the power of Ayurveda

A strong immune system is equivalent to a healthy body. Boost your immunity today with the power of ayurvedic medicines.

Fix your All Stomach Issues

Indigestion, Stomachache, Diarrhea, vomiting & Dizziness

Detox Amrut helps in mainting all stomach issues which is linked to Muladhara Chakra. It acts as antibiotic against all the infections of stomach. It also help in UTI

Ease to recover from Joint Pain

Knee Pain, Backache, Joint Pain

Mix 2 Drops of DETOX AMRUT with 10 grams of Vaseline & apply on affected area. It helps to recover from joint pain.

Itchy skin - treatments, causes & prevention

Parasites, Burns, Scars, Insect Bites & Hives. Internal Diseases.

Itching:- Add 5 Drop of DETOX AMRUT to 20 grams of neem oil & massage on the affected area. Insect Bite:- Apply 1-2 drops of DETOX AMRUT directly on the affected area.

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